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The specialist club for breeders and owners of Burmillas, Asians, Burmese  and associated Silver breeds

Yesterday when she (my secretary) opened the flap she didn’t make sure the button turned around correctly, so I  could get back in again - and it was raining cats and dogs.  Now that is a very bad expression.  It cannot rain cats and I would very much not like it to rain dogs!

She must be told to be more attentive to important matters like entrances and exits because I was chased by the large vicious tabby and when I leaped at the flap all I got was a bruised nose and a great loss of dignity.

Today we had a very large dog like thing in the garden.  He was brown and had such long legs that I could hardly see the top of him.  She was very excited and took out the extension glasses that don’t fit on her nose.  She twiddled the knobs and then gasped.  I don’t knowwhat all the fuss was about, but when I went down the garden later there was a very peculiar smell where the ‘dog’ had been.   Ater she told me it was a deer

.  Whatever it was I didn’t like the small of it.


Chapter One

How I became a fearsome hunter:

Tabby was delighted and thought he had at last got me where he wanted me.  The only place I had to hide was under the shed and that was not really safe.  But I spat mightily and hissed  fearsomely and I think he got the message.  I might be young but  I intend to become a force to be reckoned with - and the sooner the better it strikes me.  When I really try I can make myself almost twice my normal size.  It’s quite amazing really, I could see the fur on my flanks from the corner of my eye.  Quite impressive!  I was glad to see that Tabby has a nasty scar along his neck someone had obviously got the better of him.   I hope it festers!