Burmilla Cat Club

The specialist club for breeders and owners of Burmillas, Asians, Burmese  and associated Silver breeds

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Cat’s Pedigree Name… Headline Mia

Pet Name ……Mia

Dob…03/09/2013    Sex…F

Breed Number or Description BML ns 11

Date of last inoculation……01/10/2018

Micro Chipped:   Yes/No  YES

Date Last Wormed …01/10/2018

Does the cat get on with :  

Other Cats - Yes/No  NO   

Dogs -Yes/No  NO    

Children - Yes/No  YES

Does the cat currently have outside access?  Yes/No  YES

Does the cat free range?  Yes/No  YES

Reason for Re-homing: Move overseas


Current Owner…Mrs L King

Address 21 Cairnpark St, Dollar, Clacks, Scotland FK14 7DN

Contact Tel Number  07484775270