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The Burmilla Cat Club was formed on 21st January 1984 by Thérèse and Charles Clarke and Barbara Gazzaniga.  Thérèse and Charles had bred the first 2nd generation litter from Gemma  and Jaycynth bred by Baroness Miranda Von Kirsbergh and the foundation of the Clarkes Kartush lines.  Barbara had bought Kartush Amratea a chocolate shaded silver with the intention of breeding a new line of Burmillas with her as the foundation queen.  It was then decided to form a club to shape the future breeding programme,  and standard of points for the Burmilla and to promote and encourage breeders to take up this beautiful cat.  To this end an official announcement was published  in Cat world on 1st March 1984 by which time the club had attracted 22 ordinary members.  Informal meetings were held during the year and at the 1st AGM held on 24th March 1985 the officers were elected..

Since those early days membership has increased with members from several countries in  Scandinavia, Western Europe,and as far as Australia.  The Club became affiliated to the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) on 1st January 1986, also becoming affiliated to the Cat Association  on 3rd July 1986 (the Cat Association (CA) then went on to become the FIFe member for the UK).

In May of 1994 the club held the second of two show at which FIFe senior judges came to assess the breed over five generations in order to grant full breed status.  Having passed this scrutiny the breed was recognised from 1st January 1995  as a full breed by the FIFe

The Club welcomes new members who breed, own  pets or just love the breed,  see the notice board for details

Sadly the Cat Association has folded and the Burmilla Cat Club is now freelance and open to members of all affiliations who own or are interested in Burmillas, Burmese, Asians ans associated silver breeds

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Kartush Ucelkay
08.03.1995- 16.03.2015
Owned by : Catherine and Michael Girdler

Kartush Ucelka – born 8 March 1995, died 16 March 2015. 
Bred by Charles and Therese Clarke. 

Kartush Xenefer and Kartush  Cyberleh were her parents.

She was such a happy cat and had the household organised to her advantage!  When she was 14 years old we introduced her to caravanning and she loved it.  The “miniature world” suited her and she spent hours looking out at her fellow caravanners, “learning” how to wind up the steadies, climb a ladder up the back of a motorhome and erect an awning in the teeth of a gale.  She learnt to walk on a harness and lead, not wanting to walk on soft grass but preferring to make her way into the small woodland at the side of the site and pick her way over the twigs!  Her final four months were overshadowed by diabetes, but she still took an interest in all that we did and coped well with the twice daily injections. She was the most wonderful and loving cat.

A tribute by Catherine Girlder


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In Memoriam

It is with sadness I have to announce the recent death of two BCC Members

Charles and Joan bought their first Burmilla in the early eighties from Therese and Charlie Clark. Like most new owners they joined the Burmilla CC.  Joan later became the ‘Membership Secretary’ and Charles was asked to take over Editorship of our club magazine.  
This was another miles stone for our magazine as Charles brought to it the ‘magic of desk top publishing and a professionalism it had previously lacked.  Introducing new features and bringing life back into existing features.  Now we had photos which had a crispness to them and late the addition of colour.  Another feature of the magazine was added just before Christmas when the subscription reminder came with the issue.
Charles loved his cats and when he and Joan decided to breed they had a hard time parting with their babies.  And so to give them a good life Charles made his garden ‘cat proof’ and installed many climbing features.
When Charles retired from the editorship of the magazine he was a hard act to follow.
When they both felt they needed to give up their busy lives they were made ‘Honary Members ‘ for life.
His family and his many friends will  miss Charles,

Julie Foskett
14th September 2014

Charles Halliday
16th May 1929 - 3rd January 2014

It was in 1993 that Julie and her husband Clive contacted Charles Clarke for information about Burmillas as their much loved cat had just died. Julie became a member of the Burmilla CC soon after she bought her first Burmilla, Gazzella Jonquil (Genta).  Both Julie and Clive supported the club in may ways including helping at shows and later by breeding  a litter with Genta and keeping her son Riddy.  A second son was bought by Sharon Charpenter, who also became a member of the BCC he was called ‘Bootes’ amd he was shown as a neuter and his lovely nature made his many friends and took him right to the top at shows

When Riddy died and Genta was no longer young Julie and Clive decided to get two kittens, another Gazzella kitten they called Kibby and a Frilford kitten they called Kora. It was the happy nature of these two kits that help to bring joy to Julie who had been fighting cancer for some time and although there was a respite she became ill again and sadly this time there was no repite.  

She was dearly loved by her husband Clive and will be sorely missed by him and all her many friends